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Planing Your Visit: Answers to
Common Questions

Freequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s your first time to schedule a hunt in Texas, or if you’re experienced in what we have to offer, you’re bound to have some questions. We’ve identified some common questions we’ve received and have put together the information below that will help you to plan your visit. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please always feel free to contact 6S River Ranch.

Bring your rifle and ammunition (or bow, muzzleloader, etc.), of course, along with camouflage in shades of brown, tan, and green. You’ll find 8X or 10X binoculars helpful, as well. Bring shooting sticks or a bipod if you like to use those, and a hunting/skinning knife if you want to participate in skinning and quartering your animals. Bring a quality cooler for transport of your meat and trophies home from the ranch. Don’t forget your camera!

If you’re spending the night in our lodge, it is not necessary to bring linens, towels, or cooking and eating utensils and equipment. That is all supplied. Bring your toiletries, clothing, and food, and beverages.

The best answer to that is – the caliber with which you are most comfortable and can make precise shots. That said, a .243 is a good minimum for whitetail, hogs, and similarly sized exotics. A .25- 06, .270, .30-30, or .308 would be excellent for anything on 6S River Ranch. And, a .30-06 would not be too large by any means, and for the tough aoudad sheep, it might be just right. Shooting distances will generally be less than 200 yards.

Yes, you need a license and we will check to make sure you have the appropriate license(s) before you are allowed to hunt. We do not sell them, however. They can be purchased at most Walmart stores or sporting goods stores. Or, you can purchase them directly online at Texas Parks & Wildlife or by phone at 800-792-1112.

Yes. Please let us know that you want to hunt with a bow when you book your hunt so that we can plan accordingly.

Yes. Any animal hit is viewed as a kill. We will do everything we can to recover your animal.

Yes. We urge/require all hunters to check the zero of their firearm before their first hunt.

After the hunting is completed for the day, alcoholic beverages are allowed for guests spending the evening at the lodge. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol is allowed during or before any hunts.

6S River Ranch is 703.55 acres in total, with 600 acres high fenced. Hunting takes place within the high fence.

Yes. There is no age minimum to hunt in Texas, but youth must be licensed as required by Texas Parks & Wildlife and hunt with a licensed adult.

Waco has a regional airport served by regional airlines for American Airlines and Continental Airlines. Waco is less than an hour away from the ranch.

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