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Elk Hunting

Elk Hunting
If you are looking for a hunt that gets your adrenaline pumping, we recommend hunting for Fallow Deer. These massive deer provide an exciting – and very challenging – hunt.
Seasonal Restrictions:
There are no seasonal restrictions on Elk, however, if you are looking for an Elk in velvet we recommend an August hunt. If you are looking for a hard-antlered Elk, we recommend booking your hunt September-February.
You may hunt our trophy Elks using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind.
Origin: North America
Antler Size: 3.5 feet-4 feet
Weight: 800-1080 pounds
Elk Trophy Fee:
Guide Fee: $300/per day

5×5 under 290 – $7,495

290-349 – $9,495

350-399 – $18,995

400-449 – $22,995

426-450 – $28,995

500-549 – $35,595

550-600 – Request info

Call 512-983-3530 for rates
Elk Hunts All Inclusive Rates
Our all-inclusive Elk hunting package includes all of the above as well as the following:

• Field Dressing
• 2 Days/2 Nights of Lodging
• Meals Included and Prepared by On-Site Chef
• Soft Drinks/Bottled Water
• Fishing, Hiking, and Other Free Activities
Interesting Facts About Elk
• Elks ivories (canine teeth) have the same chemical composition and are made of the same material and
as tusks on walruses, wild boars and elephants.
• Only male Elk have antlers and can weight up to 40 pounds
• Elk’s shed their antlers every year and grow a new pair in the spring
• An elk displays dominance by raising its head high
• Elks rest during the day and move and feed at night
• Elks are one of the most dangerous species when in a rut.
Book Your Elk Hunt
We recommend making Elk hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.

Phone: 512-983-3530
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