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Hog Hunting

Hog hunts can only be added as an add-on package to trophy hunts. We DO NOT offer standalone hog hunts.
It’s not only legal to hunt feral hogs in Texas, it’s necessary. There is no simple or easy solution to the feral hog problem in Texas. They are intelligent, adaptable, and fast (they can charge up to 30 miles per hour!). They are thrilling to hunt and we are happy to see them go! No single management technique alone can be totally effective at controlling feral pig populations. In Texas, harvesting 66% of the total population of feral hogs is required to keep the population stable.
Seasonal Restrictions:
Feral Hogs in Texas may be hunted year round without any seasonal restrictions.
Hunt using any method you prefer, including bow hunting, rifle, from a blind or thermal hunting at night.
Origin: Eurasia
Tusk Size: 2 inches-5 inches
Weight: 40-400 Pounds
Est. World Population: Up to 800,000,000
Feral Hog Hunting Fee
After you have harvested your animal on your trophy hunt, you are welcome to hunt feral hogs at no additional fee.
Interesting Facts About Feral Hogs
• According to a Texas A&M Study, hogs in Texas cause over an estimated $52 million dollars in damages per year
• They have an incredible sense of smell – when it smells something down they will “root” – which essentially means to just dig a bunch of holes everywhere – until they find their feast
• Rooting creates a dangerous environment for ranch animals and ranch equipment as well as destroys crops and makes working ranch and farmlands extremely difficult to work
• Hogs are solid muscle (not fat!) and can charge at speeds of 30 miles per hour
• In a minute’s time, a single hog can do significant damage to approximately 6.5 feet
• Males have an extra tusk on their upper lip and they use it for sharpening their lower tusk
• They are omnivores and their diet consists mostly of roots, leaves, eggs, lizards, fruit, seeds, snakes, mice, grubs, and worms
Questions? Get in Touch:
We recommend making Wild Hog hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.

Phone: 512-983-3530
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