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Rio Grande Turkey Hunting

Rio Grande Turkey Hunting
The diversity of the land at the 6S River Ranch creates some of the very best turkey hunting you will find in the Texas Hill country.
Seasonal Restrictions:
Fall season: November 3rd – Jan. 6, 2019
Spring season: March 21st – May 3rd, 2020
You may hunt our trophy turkey using any method you prefer. We accommodate hunters of all types including bow, shotgun, pistol, and rifle.
Origin: North America
Weight: 20 pounds – 30 pounds
Est. World Population: 7 million+
Rio Grande Turkey Hunt Add-On Price:
Those that purchase one of our all-inclusive trophy hunts are available to add a Rio Grande Turkey hunt to their package. This additional fee is $675 per turkey with a limit of 2 turkeys.
Interesting Facts About Turkeys
• Turkeys will eat just about anything they can fit into their mouth
• Turkeys have between 5,000-6,000 feathers
• At one time, both Turkey and Bald Eagle were considered national symbols of America
• Wild Turkeys can fly
• When scoring a turkey, you measure weight, beard length, and spur length
• Only male turkeys gobble
Book Your Turkey Hunt
To add a turkey hunt to your all inclusive trophy hunt, contact us today!

Phone: 512-983-3530
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